Our Mission

“Promote, protect and improve the lifelong health of individuals and communities in world through the effective use of data, evidence-based prevention strategies, leadership, advocacy, partnerships, and the promotions of health equity and quality.”


Brief  Information of the Firm

GLITZ Life Care is situated in industrial triangle Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. In this industrial triangle there are various pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical industries along with Glit z Life Care. The head office of Glitz Life Care is located at college road Rawalpindi.

Glitz Life Care is committed to manufacture supreme Quality product by the strict compliance of the GMP &, according to WHO guidelines and the clauses of ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 in all aspects of manufacturing of Glitz Life Care products.

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Our Values

we stay true to our values, even in the face of risk or loss. We speak up. We do this all in the service of personal and organisational integrity.

We build relationships grounded in patience, kindness, gratitude, and respect. In our teams and in our work, we bring our whole selves in an authentic and caring spirit and encourage others to do the same.

We work to prevent and undo unfair systems, policies, and forms of racism and discrimination that drive gaps in our organization and in our work. We tell the truth about inequities and value all voices. We believe that we are interconnected and that inequities lead us all to lose. We want everyone to thrive and none of us can truly thrive until we all do.

We recognize the unique experience that each of us brings and believe in each other’s strengths. We ensure that people feel empowered and supported. We engage in genuine dialogue and encourage feedback with one another and our customers.


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