M-FERTI used in premature ejaculation.

M-FERTI helps to maintain longer and strong erection.

M-FERTI treats erectile dysfunction.

M-FERTI used in premature ejaculation.

M-FERTI helps to maintain longer and strong erection.

M-FERTI treats erectile dysfunction.

M-FERTI is a balance time tested formulation of standardized extracts.

M-FERTI Improves quality and quantity of sperm.

M-FERTI Enhances androgynous testosterone level.

M-FERTI Used in male infertility Oligospermia, oligoasthenospermia hypogonadism.

M-FERTI Is an energizing and bio vitalizing tonic.

M-FERTI Increase sexual desire/libido.

M-FERTI Promotes restoration energy, vigor, vitality and well-being through its nutrition properties.

M-FERTI Used in female infertility to treat ovulatory disorder, improper growth and an ovulation.



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