Glutathione Pills For Skin Whitening: Usage, Side Effects

If you ever searched why fairness creams or whitening products never work as promised, then you must have come across numerous research articles written on this new antioxidant called Glutathione. Glutathione, the wonder chemical, used for skin whitening purposes, has hit the beauty industry with full throttle. But mostly Glutathione pills are popular among women. It available in the form of soaps, pills, creams and lotions and promises to show instantaneous results in reducing the melanin in skin. Results, which are appealing to most of the Indians and South East Asians: Instant Fairness. But, with all the hoopla around it, does it really worth it? Is it safe? Does it make sense to buy.

Collagen remove wrinkle and fat. Glutathione, peels the skin, thereby whitening it, giving it a new look.

  • Just to give you an idea, Botox is used for removing wrinkles by paralyzing face!
  • Liposuction is used to remove excess fat
  • Laser is safest, and is a like welding, which destroys the hair follicles, thereby arresting the growth of hair Collagen help in firming the sagging skin.

Glutathione is a craze for lightening skin upto 3-4 shades in oriental countries like Japan and Korea. They have some of the best cosmetics on planet, and Glutathione is supposed to be extremely safe for skin whitening purposes. Let us now shake hands with Glutathione and see whether it is a friend or a foe.

What Is Glutathione?

  • Glutathione is an anti-oxidant and is abundantly available in nature. It is found in plants, animals and many bacteria.
  • It is an anti-oxidant and by the virtue of this quality, it immediately reduces the damage caused by reactive Oxygen.
  • Glutathione is manufactured inside human body by using Amino Acids naturally so it is not considered an essential nutrient.
  • Artificially, it is made in labs using Glutamic Acid, Glycine and Cysteine.

Glutathione is found in most of the ‘ten foods you must eat’ kind of fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes, Avocadoes, Oranges, Papaya, Spinach and Walnuts are a rich source of Glutathione. But don’t get me wrong. It is not the case that these food items start working towards fairness the minute they enter your body. Eating these food items does not guarantee fair and white complexion.

How to Use Glutathione for Skin Whitening?

It is available in the form of skin whitening supplements in pills, capsules, injections, soaps, lotions and creams. Soaps, lotions, creams and pills are available online.


One Capsule per day to see some good results in terms of skin whitening and brightening. And double your vitamin c intake with it.

How Glutathione Pills Whiten Your Skin?

  • It is a great anti-oxidant, hence removes the toxins really well.
  • Glutathione lightens and brightens the skin tone
  • Induces a glow and improves the texture
  • Glutathione reduces skin pigmentation, age spots, blemishes, ulcers, dark circles, freckles etc.
  • No more pimples and wrinkles

Glutathione Pills or Natural Sources?

Amino Acids manufacturing Glutathione have far better things to do in life apart from making our skin fairer. When taken orally in a natural form, Glutathione will ensure that your skin remains healthy, the most effective way to achieve skin fairness.

What are the Benefits of Glutathione?

Most of the major Researchers across the world concluded one thing that patients of major diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Liver Damage, Hemorrhage, Cyst and Ulcer formation, Diabetes, ADHD and Parkinson’s, did not have ample Glutathione in their body.

Since it is an anti-oxidant and fights radicals well, Glutathione is definitely a sought after nutrient in cosmetic as well as medical sciences. However, excess of any nutrient has not helped anyone and Glutathione is no exception.

Side Effects of Glutathione?

  1. It can cause allergies and rashes. Now, the excess amount of Glutathione has to be flushed out in some way or the other, and rashes will weed out the excess heat produced by surplus Glutathione.
  2. Few women have often complained of Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness and Indigestion while using beauty products laced with Glutathione.

Does it Really Work?

Now as  mentioned earlier, it is an anti-oxidant and helps in cleaning the facial muscles, toning them well, giving fairer and whiter skin, imparting brightness and glow, removing blemishes effectively, you can try using the pills  once, only after expert advice. Sure shot fast results have been noticed, and beyond doubt, Glutathione works like magic on your skin. It is like a rebirth. So Glutathione does work in achieving instant skin whitening.

As a temporary fix, it can be considered for quick lightening results. To avoid all the complications, try using these skin whitening supplements for three months and discontinue the usage. Two-Three months of Glutathione will boost your immunity as well. Do consult your Dermatologist before doing so.

When looked at glutathione pills, and the price tag, wait is over. This is one antioxidant which will fulfill desire of flawless and bright glowing skin.


Glutathione, the “nature’s master antioxidant” is an enzyme produced by the body which helps in restoring the antioxidant power of vitamin C; the storage and transport of amino acids, the building blocks of protein; giving the cells a fighting chance by preventing and repairing the oxidation and damage of the cells; turning off the inflammatory response (arthritis, autoimmune diseases and even cancer) and respiratory ailments (asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis).
Glutathione is also instrumental in the detoxification of drugs and pollutants for healthy liver functions by making such compound (ingested through food or drugs or produced by the body through normal metabolism) more water soluble and allowing those toxins to be flushed out through the kidneys. It also helps to control the levels of hormones (estrogen and testosterone) and prostaglandins which are broken down in the liver; prevents and reverses age-related signs in the body’s main organs, including the skin: Changes of tone and color, fine lines, wrinkles, cancer. It has a whitening effect on the skin by deactivation of free radicals caused by sun exposure; competitive binding with the color-forming precursors of tyrosine (dopaquinone) to form less colored melanin precursors; acts as a reducing agent to affect bleaching of colored phaeomelanin; and strong free radical scavenging antioxidant activity can lower the rate of melanogenesis.
The enzymes glutathione and α-lipoic acid have long been used as ingredients in medicines for liver diseases. Doctors and scientists observed that the patients taking these medicines were recovering and age-related signs were reversing. Recent studies reveal that the power of these 2 enzymes in fighting the cell damage is by restoring the antioxidant network. The enzymes are produced by the body but hardly in the right amount. To provide sufficient amount to meet the body requirement, existing food supplements are available.
Gluta-White/Gluta-White 500 is not only a whitening pill, but it also helps in rejuvenating the body system by eliminating harmful free radicals in the body thus, giving an inner and outer glow.
It takes 4 weeks to notice any changes in the skin. Some people have experienced skin improvement in as little as 2 weeks.
Gluta-White: Alpha-lipoic acid is the only antioxidant enzyme that can regenerate glutathione, which then regenerates vitamin C.

Dosage/Direction for use:

 1 capsule daily.

Special Precautions:

Use in pregnancy & lactation: Alpha-lipoic acid is not advisable to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It would be better to wait until a few months later before taking Gluta-White

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of reduced glutathione and α-lipoic acid, but it is prudent to observe the body for any reactions of Gluta-White.


Store at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.

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